There is constant debate in the world of business around what exactly is the most important aspect of and given business. For some it’s customer service, for others, there’s nothing more important than the bottom line. There will probably never be any form of consensus over what the most important part of any business is but there is one that has been shown to consistently be the difference between a successful business, and one that is promising but quickly falls apart. That thing is marketing. Marketing is one of those things that far too many businesses treat as some kind of optional extra, rather than as a central, utterly crucial aspect of their business. If you’re not treating it a something that is right at the heart of your business, then you’re never going to get the most out of it. It is because of this that so many businesses simply aren’t making the most of their marketing. If it seems like this is happening to your business then fear not, there are always things that you can do about it. Here are a few reasons why your business’s marketing might be failing.


You’re not making it personal

Broad advertising like the kind that made up many marketing campaigns in the twentieth century was, for a long time, the premier marketing method among most successful businesses. However, that’s simply not the case anymore. The millennial generation doesn’t respond to that kind of advertising the way that their parents and grandparents might have. Instead, they connect with much more personal, content based marketing. Things like blog posts that give customers a glimpse behind the curtain at the people who make up your business, or social media posts that allow them to interact with you directly are incredibly effective ways of connecting with the modern generation.



You’re not moving with the times



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Thanks to technology the world moves at an incredibly fast pace and the world of business is no exception to that rule. Don’t assume that the kind of techniques that worked well ten or even five years ago are still going to work just as well. Where TV, newspapers and direct mail might once have been the best ways to market your business, it’s now down to things like search engine optimization, and high-quality digital content. Visit to see the kinds of things that are offered by many SEO agencies. You can try to handle these things yourself but it’s likely that you’ll find that they are much more complicated than you might expect, and because of that you’re better off outsourcing your SEO to an outside agency.



You’re not consistent

Customers are fickle people, it’s sad to say, but it’s true. Because of that, you have to make sure that you’re always holding onto their attention. This has never been truer than it is in the internet age. Make sure that things like blog posts, social media posts and any other forms of marketing are being put out regularly with a consistent tone and branding to all of them. If you take too long between pieces of marketing you’re likely to be forgotten.


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